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Utility Management

Utility Management

We offer various solutions to help you meter and manage the supply of utilities – electricity, water and gas. These solutions range from supplying meters and metering equipment to billing and the collection of conventional metering. We also supply a vending platform for prepayment utilities. Our three package offers are:

1. Full Utility Solution

Seamless and complete utility account management.

This involves taking over the bulk account from the utility provider (Municipality and Eskom), and includes securing the deposit as well as receiving and paying the monthly invoice. Through doing this, we can manage the tariff and monitor consumption.

We will first complete a full inspection of the building, complex or site, before advising on and supplying the required metering equipment. We then ensure that the correct tariffs are applied and all consumption is metered.

Each month, we read and bill the monthly consumption on the conventional meters, and manage the account collection from the tenants.

Pre-payment clients use our countrywide vending platform to purchase electricity, water and gas online or at various retail outlets.

We take full responsibility for managing the consumption, ensuring the correct tariffs are charged and that accounts are paid on time.

2. Partial Utility Solution

This solution includes the same service offerings as the Full Utility Solution. However, we do not take over the bulk utility account.

We charge a % service fee and pay the balance of funds collected to the holder of the utility account.

As the account holder, you will receive a monthly supporting report to assist in monitoring consumption and purchase patterns.

We also ensure that annual tariff increases are correctly implemented and offer an auditing service to inspect suspected tampers.

3. Sub-Let/Farmer Token Solution

If you are a property owner and sublease dwellings, this solution can be used to help you recover the cost of supplying electricity directly from tenants.

As the property owner, you will have the main municipal or Eskom account, from which you supply the other dwellings.

Here are some important things to remember:

  • As the property owner, you will pay a small fee to us for the token. This is not for the cost of the electricity.
  • By selling the token to the tenant, you will recover the cost of the electricity that the tenant will use.
  • You will receive the money in advance and will not have to collect in arrears.
  • As with any pre-paid meter, once the tenant uses all of the units, the meter will run to zero and the power will switch off.
  • The tenant can only purchase tokens directly from you, the owner, and not from us or a recognised retailer.
  • We can generate multiple tokens per meter in advance, which you can keep for future use. This will ensure that you have tokens available over weekends and holidays.
  • If you have a number of dwellings, the kWh on the tokens can be of different quantities.
  • You can text or email token numbers to tenants.

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Meter Reading

We can read your electricity, water and gas meters manually or remotely

We provide detailed consumption reports and individual billing statements linked to the applicable tariff. This makes it easy for you to attach it to a tenant’s invoice.

Electronic results are also available by request to accommodate your billing platform.

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