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Smart Metering

Smart Metering

Manage the consumption of electricity, water and gas using our smart metering solution.

We import a smart meter and AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) system, manufactured and supported by Addgrup in Moldova.

The ADDAX Metering Solution provides meter reading, data collection, data processing, communication and certain functions of data analysis. The AMI system offers credit and pre-payment modes of meter operation, load control and load shedding, multi-rate metering, fraud protection functions and energy quality control. The system also provides all of the necessary data for meter-to-cash business processes.

Benefits of Smart Metering:

  • Replaces manual meter reading, which can often be costly, inaccurate and slow
  • Two-way communication enabling fast, accurate readings and data
  • Remote disconnect and reconnect
  • Tamper detection
  • Conventional and STS Pre-Payment (configurable from master station remotely)
  • Load control
  • Time-of-use tariff engine
  • Import, Export 4 Quadrant Meter
  • Class 1
  • GPRS and PLC Communication module

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