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Remote Metering

Remote Metering

Remote metering (or Automatic Meter Reading) is the automatic collection of consumption, diagnostic and status data from a meter. This information is then transferred to a central location for billing, trouble-shooting and further analysis. We offer this service to both municipalities and individual Large Power Users (LPU).

Benefits of Remote Metering:

Consumption is typically recorded in 30 minute intervals and communicated to a central database. Customers can then log on to an access controlled, web-based dashboard to view:

  • Energy profile with active and re-active energy graphs (import and export)
  • Demand profile with power factor graph
  • Time-of-use profile
  • Current profile
  • Voltage profile
  • Tariff reports with tariff engine and customized tariffs
  • Historical and consumption reports
  • Alarms and notifications
  • Replaces manual meter reading, which can often be costly and slow
  • Provides instantaneous access to information
  • Improves recovery time for money owed

To enable remote metering, we carry out a complete audit and possible upgrade of the installation. At the end of each month, all billing information is sent through the billing system for seamless and transparent insertion. This ensures the bills can be printed and dispatched on time. All billing information is vetted continuously with on-going discussions.

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