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Example Report

Calculating the tariff

We hereby instruct Power Measurement and Distribution (PTY) LTD to charge the tariff as indicated below. Note that this tariff will increase automatically with the annual utility increases. The tariff includes the following:

Power Measurement charges a small admin fee for pre-payment vending.

Do you want to recover this admin fee?

Total excluding VAT: R

Total including VAT: R

How to Calculate

To determine this value, you need to:

  1. Take a copy your latest utility invoice
  2. Divide the total amount charged (excluding VAT) by the total number of kWh used
  3. This will give you a Rand value per kWh
  4. Enter this figure in the space provided

Example Calculation:

Total Amount Charged = R1100.93

Total Number of kWh = 656

Cost per kWh = R1.68

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