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Meter Auditing and Verification

Meter Auditing and Verification

With the introduction of new regulations for metering standards, we have expanded our operation by investing in specialist personnel and technology to offer LPU (Large Power User) and SPU (Small Power User) Auditing. Since launching this service, we have developed a reputation as a leader in this field.

One of the most important factors in relation to revenue protection is ensuring that a meter is correctly installed. In most cases, the only people to visit these installations are the meter readers. At commissioning, there is normally no verification of the installation, and usually the national installation standards are not met. This is despite the fact that there is equipment available and specifically designed for the function of verification.

We are able to conduct full onsite meter audits to ensure the integrity of any installations. We utilise portable verification equipment that is calibrated at NLA laboratories; providing a complete report and certificate for each meter point. We can also upgrade installations to comply with national standards; ensuring uniformity throughout a municipality’s or property owner’s install base.

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