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Thinking of buying a generator?

Thinking of buying a generator?

If you’re thinking of replacing or supplementing your general energy source with a cost-effective generator, such as one powered by solar, Power Measurement can help you in the decision-making process.

In South Africa, Eskom is the largest electricity provider; generating electricity and distributing it via an extensive network of cables, overhead lines and substations to you - the end user. Due to the cost of resources and the distance between the generator (Eskom) and the end user, electricity is extremely expensive, and the price continues to rise.

There are a number of ways in which you can reduce electricity consumption and the associated costs. One method of directly saving on the cost component is to replace or supplement your general energy source with a generator powered by either solar (PV array), wind, hydro or a type of fuel (diesel or petrol).

How they can help you save:

• Electricity consumption

• Maximum demand

• Time

• Risk (load shedding)

Before installing any type of generator, you first need to measure the consumption of electricity in normal conditions over a set period of time, noting the average and maximum energy consumption, maximum demand and the current. The most important factor in the process is the time of day at which these peaks are reached.

We have the necessary certified equipment to measure and record such information. This is then analyzed by our team of experienced personnel and can then be used to calculate the size of the required electricity generator, as well as the prospective savings involved. 

In addition, we can also install four quadrant meters with online monitoring devices to help you keep track of the electricity generated, consumption, surplus electricity, demand and your utility bills. All of this information is available via our online web portal.

To find out more, contact us on 086 107 6937 or email info@powermeasurement.co.za.

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