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Power Measurement Introduces Prepayment Water Meter

Power Measurement Introduces Prepayment Water Meter

Power Measurement and Distribution (PTY) Ltd is helping to keep managing agents and landlords out of hot water with the launch of a new product.

The company is now a supplier of the world’s first commercially available prepayment water meter. Manufactured in South Africa by Utility Systems, the meter is designed to help agents and landlords recover utility costs upfront from the tenants; preventing them for being left with hefty bills.

In light of the country’s current water shortages, other features include the ability to set daily or monthly limits on water usage and a system designed to detect possible leaks.

Johan de Klerk, General Manager, said: “We are excited to be an official reseller of this new prepayment water meter, which is sure to revolutionise the way in which agents and landlords monitor and manage tenants’ water consumption.

“With water shortages affecting cities across the country, it’s important that we look at ways in which we can monitor water consumption more effectively and reduce usage in each household.”

Tenants can top-up the meter in a number of ways, such as online with a credit or debit card or by purchasing tokens from a number of well-known outlets.

For more information about this meter, contact your nearest Power Measurement office.

Technical Specifications:

· Conforms with IEC 62055-41 and IEC 62055-51 Standards

· STS Certified

· Remote (RF) communication between the meter and user interface

· Battery life of 7-10 years

· Class C piston type water meter with IP rating of 68

· Manufactured locally by Utility Systems

· Pressure range 0.5 – 16 BAR

· Penalty tariff implementation based on step tariffs

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